The Emerald Dragon

East element of the four symbols, representing the spring season. Granted with the power of giving life to the world; he can freely transform into any form of life.

The Ebony Turtle

North element of the four symbols, representing the winter season. Granted with the power to protect dead souls; he can travel between world of the living and the dead.

Grandpa - The last Human Kind

Human that born directly from the tree of life. Last survivor from the catastrophic plague. He is the grandpa of Fuxi and Nüwa.

MonMon - A Mysterious Tenant

A tiny monkey who lives inside Fuxi's inkwell. She likes to play hide-and-seek with Fuxi.

The New Human Kind

Questionable origin between powerful earth magic and mysterious dark force. They are unpredictable but also unique. Will our world end in their hand one day?

The Mad Shaman

She manipulated human villagers to believe in the power of the Bleeding Rock. Her influence bounds a collective of strong wills which awakens the Dark Dragon.

The Dark Dragon

A horrifying creature with a heart as black as the sticky ooze. Its speech is deceiving and its power is UNKNOWN. No one who has fought it has ever come back alive.

Emperor ZhuanXu

He often provoked wars with other races to expand his territory at the cost of numerous lives.

Princess YaoJi

She's the daughter of Emperor ZhuanXu and was captured by the Dark Dragon. General Lingxiu used to be one of the palace guards and took care of her like his little sister.

LingXiu' Father

He is the role model for LingXiu, was killed during the war protecting his village against the snake tribe's attack. He died a great death and was remembered as a hero of war.


He is the youngest human general ever. His mission is to slaughter the Dark Dragon with the legendary Yin Yang Blade and bring back princess YaoJi.


Growing up in the jungle, the animals call her "The Ghost in the Mountains". She's an amazing healer who saved LingXiu's life. Her shyness is stopping her from expressing her feelings towards LingXiu.

Mother RED

A spiritual tigress who found ShanGui all alone in the ashes after a snake tribe attack on a human village many years ago. She adopt ShanGui and raised her in the jungle.

The Red Panda Bros

Very naughty red panda boys, always making trouble with good intentions.

Injured Animals

ShanGui's patients, temporarily living in the animal sanctuary to heal their wounds. Many of them were injured warriors from the battle field.